The new season salt marsh lambs are available from June until December

Mouth Watering Anglesey Salt Marsh Lamb Direct From The Farm

Cig y Gors are proud to produce fresh Anglesey salt marsh lambs that are 100% free range, grass fed, ethically raised and fully traceable right from the field to your plate.  We are passionate about giving our local community the opportunity to buy premium quality, home bred meat at competitive prices.

Lambs that graze on salt marshes produce a quality meat that has a flavour, colour and texture that is like no other.  These unique characteristics are created by the multitude of wild grasses and herbs that are only found growing on estuary salt marshes.

All our lambs are hand selected which guarantees you the best meat – fresh from our field, packaged and delivered straight to your door. You will be buying local, tastier, juicier, leaner meat direct from the farm so there is no need to be concerned about where your meat has come from or how it has been treated.

Selling halves or whole butchered into joints and chops etc.

Leg of lamb with pear cider

Please email or telephone to order and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

01248 751673 / 07786302348

Lamb fillets, burnt leek and anchovy hollandaise
BBQ lamb chops with cheesy mash
Apple and herb stuffed shoulder of lamb
Welsh Lamb - Cig Oen Cymru